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WhatToDo’s Virtual Concierge Website Content wordpress plugin:

Populate your website automatically


The Virtual Concierge Website Content WordPress plugin is a simple, affordable way to add substantial resort content to your business site. The Plug-in requires M-crypt and cURL enable servers. Non-WordPress users may inquire about our RESTFUL API and other web services. Add relevant content to your site – all the resort info a visitor could want!

  • Couple at hotel using computerDynamically updated, keeping your info current.
  • Increase time your web visitors spend on your site.
  • Increase number of pages visited on your site.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Increase your web ranking.
  • Build high quality backlinks.
  • Populated content added directly to your site – not an iframe!
  • Save money spent on time-consuming manual entry and updates.

Virtual Concierge starting at $99/year

Website Content WordPress Plugin: What It Does

 Today’s web managers value relevant content, and WhatToDo’s resort feed puts this content on your website as if it’s your own. The feed provides an endless amount of supporting, informative material on your resort area for vacation visitors: activities, shopping, dining, coupons, specials and events…and updates your website automatically.

Hotel concierge, property management companies, realtors and other resort business owners know that having up-to-date information on their website for resort visitors gives them a competitive advantage, and they don’t have to worry about losing web visitors to competitor websites. But creating and updating that informative content is time-consuming and costly. WhatToDo’s Virtual Concierge WordPress PlugIn populates your website with all the crucial resort information that vacation visitors are looking for.
The content plugin does not affect the information on your website about your business. You will still be responsible for updating your own prices, inventory and photos and ensuring accuracy in your business information.

Additional benefits include hard-to-acquire, high ranking inbound links from’s huge network of area websites to your site. You’ll also have the ability to share content directly from your website through your social media channels, generating more traffic to your business website and making your social marketing more effective.