Molokai, HI
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Welcome to Molokai, Hawaii

About Molokai, Hawaii

Molokai is one of the least frequented islands by visitors, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have much to offer. National Geographic Traveler magazine rated it 10th among 111 destination islands based on its pristine tropical landscape, environmental stewardship, rich Hawaiian traditions and visitor-friendly culture. As evidence: Molokai is said to be the birthplace of hula, and its nickname is the “friendly isle”.

Molokai can be reached by plane or ferry. Don’t come to Molokai expecting the kind of high-energy and excitement of other vacation locales. It doesn’t even have a traffic light. But do come if you like a slower pace, fresh produce, watching local fisherman pull in their daily catch and one of the largest white sand beaches in Hawaii, at 3 miles long.

Molokai’s amenities for tourist are more limited than elsewhere in Hawaii, so you’ll probably want to plan ahead for your accommodations and other reservations. You can find much of what you’ll need to plan your Molokai vacation here on

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