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Vail marijuana tourism: A New Way to Enjoy Your Colorado Vacation

What To Expect at a Vail Marijuana Dispensary

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Vail marijuana tourism is just one more way to enjoy your Colorado vacation. But, if shopping at a marijuana dispensary is a new experience for you, it can be intimidating. Fortunately, the Vail Valley offers an array of quality, professional dispensaries. With locations from Eagle Vail to Gypsum, you’ll find one that’s convenient for you. So, what can you expect when visiting a legal dispensary? Let’s go inside and find out.

First of all, there is probably a lot of security

You probably won’t walk right in. Most likely, you’ll need to ring a buzzer to be let through a locked door. Then, you’ll definitely be asked to show photo ID, no matter your age. You can also expect camera surveillance as state law requires this. Dispensaries are often cash-only businesses so they usually put extra security measures in place. Which brings us to the next point.

Pay with cash

Though credit card is starting to become more common at Colorado marijuana dispensaries, cash is still the only form of payment most of the time. Because of the discrepancies between state and federal marijuana laws, banking for marijuana-related business owners can be limited. As a result, some dispensaries conveniently house an ATM for customers who don’t carry much cash. Otherwise, bring your cash, not your card.

Take your time

Buying Marijuana at a dispensary is not just simply saying you want some weed.
You will be presented with a  menu (like a restaurant) with dozens of marijuana strains to choose from. Also, there will  be edible products (cookies, candies, you name it). And that’s on top of yet other types of marijuana products, including concentrates in wax or “shatter” form (shatter is the “purest and most potent” form, according to High Times). Frankly, it can be overwhelming for first-timers so don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions. The person behind the counter is there to help you.

Speaking of the person behind the counter

That person is know as a “Budtender,” like a bartender. But for bud. And the budtender is usually highly informed and trained to answer your questions. They’ll guide you through the the selection process, especially if it’s your first time.

It may be legal but it ain’t free

At a recreational (as opposed to medical) dispensary, marijuana in loose form will run about $20 for one-sixteenth of an ounce — the smallest amount that the store sells — and that’s before about 20% in state and local taxes. Still, budget-hunters can find deals by cost-comparing from dispensary to dispensary. And some dispensaries even offer coupon savings.

And of course, souvenirs…

Dispensaries sell more than pot. They also sell pot paraphernalia and souvenirs. So, if you’re not ready to make a marijuana purchase you can always just buy a memorable T-shirt!

There are a huge number of reputable dispensaries in the Vail area. Visit our complete directory of dispensaries.


Vail Marijuana Tourism

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Marijuana Tours

With the growing popularity of marijuana tourism in Colorado, a new service has sprung up: Marijuana Tours. Tours include transportation and include a visit to one or more dispensary with a variety of entertainment and activity provided along the way. The Brews, Booze & Bud Tour in Frisco,  is a three-and-half tour that includes visits to a local distillery, a local brewery and a dispensary. There are four tours a day, and it's sure to be an experience you find anywhere else.

Designated Driver:
Commission a Group Shuttle

Summit Express offers shuttle transportation for your group according to your activity schedule. If you want to guarantee safe, reliable transportation for a Bachelor Party evening or afternoon river trip or pot shopping event, they can provide 14-passenger vans. Don't worry about a Designated Driver - you've already got one!

Public Transportation: It’s WAAAAAAY Better Than a DUI

The Town of Vail, Town of Avon and Beaver Creek Resort all offer FREE transportation. They’re frequent, convenient and save you expense of parking in these largely-pedestrian destinations. 

Eagle County runs ECO Transit, a very affordable bus service that covers the entire length of the valley. It’s affordable and offers the leisure of sitting back and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Responsible Transportation

If you’re taking advantage of legal marijuana during your visit, don’t drive! There are numerous alternatives to keep you – and others – safe on the roads.

Things to Know About Marijuana in Colorado

  • Colorado has legalized both Medical and Recreational Marijuana. It began allowing the sale of recreational marijuana in 2014 to anyone age 21 or older.
  • Only licensed retail marijuana stores may sell retail marijuana, and only to those 21 and older.
  • Anyone over the legal age can buy marijuana without any special license. Cannabis purchases are limited to an ounce for Colorado residents while visitors from outside the state can buy up to a quarter ounce.
  • Buyers of medical pot won't face the additional taxes that recreational pot purchases entail. But medical marijuana requires a state red card, which can only be obtained by Colorado residents with a recommendation from a doctor.
  • Marijuana may not be consumed openly or publicly. Also, you cannot smoke pot in any establishment governed by the state's Clean Indoor Air Act. You're only allowed to smoke on private properties, with the owner's permission.
  • You must be 21 and older to buy, possess or use retail marijuana. It is illegal to give or sell retail marijuana to minors.
  • It is illegal to use or consume marijuana in a motor vehicle and to drive under the influence of marijuana. A motorist in Colorado can be ticketed for impaired driving if his or her blood shows more than 5 nanograms of active THC, the active constituent of marijuana. Marijuana may be carried in cars but it may not be in an open container and cannot cross state boundaries.
  • You cannot take marijuana through airport security or travel out of state with it.

Keep in mind that marijuana laws are constantly evolving and changing please check with for the latest updates to marijuana laws.

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