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About Edwards, Colorado

Four miles from Beaver Creek Resort and 14 miles from Vail Resort, Edwards, Colorado has some of the same appeal as its fancier neighbors. It has beautiful scenery, good restaurants, great shopping and plenty of activities. Positioned almost at the center of the Eagle River Valley, it offers tranquil golf courses like Arrowhead, Country Club of the Rockies, Cordillera and Sonnenalp Resort. Meanwhile, it receives less snow than the high peaks of the nearby ski mountains.

The Vail campus of Colorado Mountain College is located in Edwards.  Along the Eagle River, the fishing is beautiful with a paved path for walkers and bicyclists. Also along the river, Riverwalk offers great local  shopping and dining and a smalltown movie theatre. Additionally, it has chic boutiques, home decor, a helpful wine and liquor store and numerous restaurants. Plus, it has a surprisingly metropolitan feel.  Then, a short drive up Lake Creek or Squaw Creek Road and visitors will again find themselves in mountain forests.  There, they can enjoy horseback riding, sleigh rides, sightseeing and hiking.

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Kids Activities in Edwards

Kids activities in Edwards include summer fun like horseback riding and mountain biking. Or, how about a fishing class or rafting? On the other hand, in winter there’s sledding, skiing & horse-drawn sleigh rides that delight little visitors. Find out more!

Vacation Activities

“Adult” activities in Edwards include everything from challenging mountain biking and outdoor sports to tranquil fishing. After that, sample local brews, check out marijuana dispensaries or enjoy an outdoor concert. All Edwards activities…

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