Steamboat Springs, CO
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Del's Triangle 3 Ranch

Ride the Steamboat horses

Del's Triangle 3 Ranch
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Ride the Steamboat Horses at Del s Triangle 3 Ranch through scenic Elk and Deer trails in a wilderness-type environment. On Summer or Winter horseback rides, once you leave the corral, you won t see a sign of civilization until you get back. Who are the Steamboat Horses? Most of our horses are born and raised on the ranch and trained locally. Several of them are featured in ads for the Steamboat Ski Area and have appeared in ads and videos all over the world. We have registered Quarter horses, registered Arabians, and even a few old nags. For a truly unique experience, take a break from skiing and go for a ride in the snow! Let our surefooted horses guide you through the snow-covered aspen trees in the silence of Winter s simple beauty. We recommend you wear ski clothing for the winter rides.


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