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Welcome to Leadville & Twin Lakes

Enjoy Your Vacation in Leadville, Colorado

In Leadville, Colorado everyone is high – even you. At 10,152 feet above sea level, it’s the highest incorporated city in the United States. But that’s not all it’s famous for. The saga of Horace and Baby Doe Tabor, the Pikes Peak Gold Rush, the “Unsinkable Molly Brown” (of Titanic fame), Doc Holliday, Leadville’s reputation as one of the most lawless towns in the American West and many other interesting events and characters has made it a recurring theme in the West West.

These days, Leadville’s historic sites – like the Tabor Opera House, Matchless Mine and historic downtown – continue to draw Colorado visitors, plus the 10th Mountain Division’s Camp Hale Training Grounds nearby. But the magnetism of outdoor recreation brings more and more people to Leadville each year. Leadville’s Twin Lakes and Turquoise Lake offer fishing, boating and water activities against gorgeous Rocky Mountain backdrops. Three wilderness areas, the San Isabel National Forest and its proximity to 14,000+ foot mountains make Leadville a prime base for hiking, camping and mountain climbing activities. Leadville’s high elevation makes it a tempting challenge for fitness buffs of all types, and the Leadville 100 Race Series (the “Race Across the Sky”) is famous among elite – or “ultra” – athletes looking to test their merit against mountains, little oxygen and hefty mileage (think 50-100 miles).

Other quirky destination events like the Crystal Carnival and Ski Joring (which entails horses dragging skiers down Main Street) and Leadville Boom Days (which includes burro racing and other wacky family activities) delight Leadville visitors every year in search of a unique Colorado vacation experience.

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Leadville Train Rides

Riding a train is an adventure that takes passengers into history as it makes its way through the Colorado Rockies. Opportunities for railroad buffs, scenic photography and an interactive experience for kids are what makes a train ride such a popular vacation activity for all ages… Read More!

Leadville & Twin Lakes Activities

Pristine fishing, mountain climbing and high altitude fitness challenges, dog sledding and more… Visitors come to Leadville and Twin Lakes, Colorado for unparalleled opportunities for outdoor activities – without the crowds & expense of Colorado’s major resort areas. Read more about local activities!

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