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Welcome to Silverton, COlorado

Silverton Colorado Vacation Activities

Why go to Silverton, Colorado? Activities and scenery, for starters. For example, take a scenic drive on the San Juan Skyway. Or the Million Dollar Highway connecting Silverton to Ouray? Secondly, go for backcountry recreation, extreme sports or other Silverton vacation activities. Meanwhile, enjoy Silverton’s colorful history while you’re there. Things to do in Silverton are endless – and guaranteed to be unlike any other Colorado vacation destination. It’s a place that retains its historic charm and authenticity. Simultaneously, it will delight visitors with adventurous activity options! 

One of the Most Intact Historic Sites in the US

Not surprisingly, the town of Silverton was named for silver mining though it once boasted gold as well. Mining continued late into the last century but no longer sustains the economy. Silverton is the final destination for the legendary Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. And it’s a National Historic Landmark. With pastel buildings, saloons and gunfight reenactments, visitors feel like they’ve stepped onto a Western movie set.

Every Kind of Mountain Recreation

These days, the treasure of Silverton is its appeal for mountain recreation. It’s unpretentious and undeveloped. At 9,318 feet above sea level, it’s heaven for alpine sports. Rock climbing. Snowmobiling. Advanced skiing (downhill, extreme, heli, snowcat, cross country). Ice climbing and rock climbing. Mountaineering and backpacking. Rafting, off-roading, hunting, fishing, hiking… The list is endless! For comprehensive info on Silverton activities, click here

Ski Areas

There are three nearby ski areas. Silverton Mountain is advanced-only. For example, you have an avalanche probe, beacon and shovel (and know how to use them). It’s an incredible experience for those with the skills to enjoy it.  Kendall Mountain Ski Area is family-friendly and affordable and managed by the town. A bit farther afield, Durango Mountain Resort is 23 miles away.

Most of Silverton’s buildings date to the early 1800s. Meanwhile, over half of these historical buildings are still used today. Visitors have a sense of discovery arriving in this remote town high in the Rockies. Above all, Silverton is a town forgotten by time. In addition, it’s off-the-beaten-path for tourists. However, the city of Durango is only an hour drive away. And the unique vacation experience is well worth the drive.

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