Breckenridge, CO
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Wine Bar in Breckenridge, CO

Whether you're a casual wine enthusiast or outright connoisseur, find a wine bar or visit a boutique winery in Summit County for a romantic date night or tasteful bachelorette party or group celebration. Enjoy a tasting flight, purchase souvenirs & gifts or enjoy a tasty food pairing.
Continental Divide Winery in Breckenridge, CO
Continental Divide Winery in Breckenridge, CO
Continental Divde Winery produces wines in a state-of-the-art, custom-built winemaking facility in South Park (Fairplay). Crafting and aging wines at over 10,000 feet minimizes oxygen exposure and allows the true flavors of the fruit and land to emerge. Continental Divide Winery crafts their wines in a nearly zero-oxygen, closed-cell environment. It uses snow and the extreme temperatures of the alpine environment to control fermentation instead of the m... Read More
Carboy Winery in Breckenridge, CO - (970) 453-5499