Summit County, CO
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Snow Caps Sled Dogs

The Ultimate Rush - Dog Scooter Tour

Snow Caps Sled Dogs
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Not for the timid, but for those who have the guts to try, this will be the ride that keeps you coming back for more! 

Each guest is first put through a rigorous training session then given their own mountain scooter and two sled dogs to pull it. Led by your guide, this activity will have you cruising through backcountry roads and trails at speeds of up to 25MPH under dog power. Each guest is suited with helmet, gloves and knee pads because this activity is only for people who are ok with a chance falling, scrapes, bruises, and having a lot of fun! For ages 16 and up. Duration 1hr 15 min.


Main Street & Washington Breckenridge, CO - (970) 453-7855 - Get Directions

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