Summit County, CO
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Country Boy Mine

Try Out Being a Colorado Miner!

Country Boy Mine
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Venture 1,000 feet under a mountain! Explore the original workings of the Country Boy Mine as you feel, hear, and smell what it was like to be a Colorado Miner over 100 years ago. To complete the mining scene, gentle & friendly donkeys roam around this authentic mining site.

Find & keep your riches as you gold pan in Eureka Creek and shoot the ore chute.

Gold Rush Experience: Peer into the life of gold miners in the 1800s. Hear from the doctor, be part of a bank robbery, be immersed in the horrors of the Tommy Knocker and find out what the Judge says when you visit court.

Gold cart virtual reality ride: Escape from the mine in the brand new state-of-the-art 9D Virtual Reality experience. Exhilarating and fun for all ages. 


0542 French Gulch Road Breckenridge, CO - (970) 453-4405 - Get Directions

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