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Don’t come to Steamboat Springs, Colorado expecting to see a Steamboat! (Though the town is located on the Yampa River, it was named by early Western trappers who mistook the bubbling sound of the hot springs for the chugging of a Steamboat.) But do come to Steamboat if you’re looking for unparalleled skiing, kayaking, fishing, rafting, tubing, mountain biking, road cycling or – you guessed it – gorgeous natural hot springs!

Among ski resorts and other popular vacation destinations, Steamboat stands out for the pride it takes in incorporating its rich heritage in contemporary life. Annual events like the Cowboy Downhill and Ski Joring competition combine seemingly incongruous things like cowboys, horses and skis, and continue to delight spectators of all ages.

More “modern” sporting events also draw millions of visitors every year, such as the USA Pro Cycling Challenge, a multi-stage professional cycling race, as well as holiday celebrations, free concerts and cultural programming. In 2011, Steamboat was recognized as a Gold Level Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists, and the Steamboat Ski Resort recently added an out-of-this-world downhill mountain biking park to the mountain, rounding out the year-round draw to this amazing little vacation gem.

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