Lake Dillon, CO

Welcome to Lake Dillon

About Lake Dillon, Colorado

Long before Lake Dillon existed to exert its magnetic draw on boaters, kayakers and other outdoor enthusiasts, the “town” of Dillon was just a stage stop outpost on the Snake River. In 1965, Dillon Reservoir was built to provide for the big city’s water needs, in the process creating what would become one of Colorado’s most popular vacation destinations. Cupped like a jewel surrounded by pristine snow-capped mountains, Lake Dillon, Colorado is one of the most scenic places you’ll visit.

While the town remains small, the opportunities for summer activities are big: sailing, fishing, lakeside dining and a marina that services 25 miles of shoreline – plus plenty of shopping and restaurants. Gorgeous hiking and snowshoeing trails offer sparkling views of the lake and mountains. The shorefront amphitheater hosts free concerts, local performers and outdoor markets.

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